Infrastructure & Technology

The vision statement of the company clearly defines the path that we have to take & how the technology shall be utilized for the betterment of each stakeholder. Few areas where the organization has made the difference in deliverables are as under:-

1. ERP platform for HRIS, Statutory Management, Labour Compliance etc.
2. ERP platform for managing the training, fire instructions, night/day inspections & training drills of the security staff deputed. Ensuring that no valued client is missed on the deliverables by the Training & Service Delivery Team.
3. Customised & licensed accounting software for all the branches and group companies.
4. Dedicated software for Inventory Control, ID Card, Recruitment, unit management etc.
5. ERP platform for managing invoicing & billing cycle.

A report generated from the service delivery software is given to the client on a monthly basis to evaluate and ascertains the number of visits made, duration of visit, observations etc. With over 65 computers, laptops & servers we are technology & IT ready to take the advantage of any development and offer the best to our revered client.

Threat Perception Report

It is a proprietary report given to each client on demand for an honest feedback about the possibility of sabotage / disruption that can be caused by the internal or external forces. More than hundred such reports have been given to the clients who have majorly benefited by creating necessary changes in the infrastructure of the units.

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