Security Training to its security personnel is one of the most important factors in building the brand image and provides excellent security services. We at BD Security believe that each security personnel are the brand ambassador of the company, hence we put in every extra effort to train and groom him to provide optimum security services to our valued clients.

How we perform :-
We recruit the person according to the QR set for the various categories of the Security Personnel. Once selected, they undergo the enrolment process and are then sent to Security Training School to undergo Basic Security Training.
Basic Security Training :-
This is the initial stage where a person is groomed into a disciplined and knowledgeable security guard. We conduct 8 hrs sessions per day for over 20 working days. Basic Security Training comprises of 13 days (100 Hours) classroom and 7 days (60 Hours) Field Training. The syllabus has been prepared after lot of learning and understanding requirement of various industries and according to Private Security Agency (Regulatory) Act 2005. The main subjects covered are :
• Posturing, Discipline, Manners & Etiquettes
• Security Awareness
• Physical Security
• Various Tools of Security
• Asset Protection – Human, Material & Information
• Patrolling
• Crowd Control and Use of Force
• Identifying various documents
• Incident prevention and reporting
• Handling various Emergencies
• Use & Operation of latest Security Equipments
On completion of Basic Security Training, an assimilation test – Written and Aptitude is conducted to check and verify the knowledge gained.
Training :-
We impart training to the selected personnel at our Security Training Centre. The institute is spread over three acres of land in the vicinity of the Jammu City, close to the Army 15 -Field Ammunition Depot. Here cadet is trained to be not only a proficient guard but a gentleman for lifetime. The training programme is exhaustive and comprehensive for continuous 21 days.
Security personnel are also imparted On Job Training (OJT) at the place of duty. At B D Security Pvt. Ltd., training is an ongoing activity and every employee gets 2-4 hrs of on the job training (OJT) capsule every month.