The dynamics of the telecom indutry has influenced each and every individual in some way or the other. It is very important that the cell sites be very well protected as they are located in extremely remote locations. A cell site already has so much radio equipment installed on it that any anti surveillance sweeping device will not be noticed as its radio frequency will get clubbed with the existing equipment. Anti-surveillance equipment looks for signature of radio frequency to detect snooping devices. The issue raises concerns especially if it is being do.

In today's environment, where global terrorism is seen as the biggest threat and surveillance agencies of developed countries try to subvert the control of local authorities across the world, security on telecom assets needs as there are two parts of a telecom network :- a passive part and the active or electronics and fibre optics part.

If surveillance has to be controlled, clarity on the security protocol followed at the passive infrastructure level is extremely important. Passive infrastructure is basically the physical infrastructure concerned with the provision of power supply required to house various electronics and radio equipment done by a foreign agency or party.

B D Security Pvt. Ltd. understands the needs of the Telecom Sector and its facilities which require and professional level of security planning for prevention and protection.

Comprehensive guidelines for security and protection to the Telecom sector are covered with situation analysis, threat assessments, guarding, surveillance, access control, entrance and exit monitoring, alarm monitoring, perimeter patrolling and equipment abuse protection.

B D Security Pvt. Ltd. has provided its services from project build up stages to implementation stages to these sector.

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