Security Audits & Consultancy

Security consulting is the big opportunity we have hit and another way of saying that "we care". We at B D Security Pvt. Ltd. believe that optimum standards of security levels are achieved through conducting regular security survey / audit of the premises and recommend carrying out changes in the present set up or enhance the integration of physical security and use of security systems to prevent loss and protect the assets. We recommend our client to conduct this activity once every six months to analyze the Returns on Expenditure made on setting up security.

Procedure :-
On receiving the requirement from the client, our expert audit team prepares the check sheets required for the premises. The team on receipt of the completed checklist then conducts the security survey of the premises.
Based on a Risk/Threat assessment we recommend a course of action for loss prevention to the client.
Survey Report :-
On completion of the security survey, the report is prepared considering available information through check list, available data on security incidents and their analysis, corrective and preventive actions taken, observations made during physical rounds of the property and study/meetings conducted on site.
Presentation of report :-
On preparation of the security survey report, we make presentation to the management on recommendations made on security set up.