The concept of security outsourcing is based on the principle that there is an external specialist who specialises in security services. A specialist who has knowledge, resources, infrastructure & mechanism to ensure 24X7 support & sustenance. A little more detail, good quality manpower to be deputed on the ground, a team of supervisors & administrators to ensure reliable physical Guarding & ability to make you "Be 100% Secure". Foremost in the business of guarding is the ability to understand and make out the requirement of the location where the guarding is to be provided. During the lead time given to us we survey the site and draft the site instructions for the approval of the client. These instructions contain the general and specific instructions for all the posts and site emergencies. To accomplish this task we have a team of trained professional who makes a visit at the site and prepares to what we call "Threat perception Report".

Threat Perception Report
Threat perception report encompasses concern & suggestions on things such as Surroundings, Boundary wall, Buildings, Guard posts with distance from each other, Key Box, Regular workers, Contractual workers, Control and Regulation of staff, Control and Regulation of workers/labour, Open Yards, Existing Security Arrangements, Strength of security Personnel, any Electronic security arrangement, Communication System, Security Lights, Frisking arrangement/Ladies search room, Locking/sealing of Gates/Exit points/Doors of the plant, Locking and sealing arrange, Emergency Power Backup Generator, Fire Fighting and Safety Arrangements, Central Fire/Emergency alarm, Trained manpower for fire fighting, Medical Aid room with Aid First arrangement, Ambulance, Flame arrester, Lightening conductors, Documentation at the Main Gate, Parking Arrangements, Special Safety Measures against Health Hazards etc.
With the given state of affairs of the security level in the country it is the recruitment process of utmost importance. At B D Security Pvt. Ltd. Recruitment is a multi tier activity involving three layers of selection.
Apart from the physical & medical fitness, educational background, family background & moral character each employee is asked to have a No objection certificate from the Local Police Station, Local Sarpanch, matriculation mark sheet, copy of the state subject and a reference from an existing employee associated for more than one year with B D Security Pvt. Ltd.
We impart specialized training to the selected personnel at our Security Training School. More so training is an ongoing activity in security business and every BDSPL employee gets 2-4 hrs of on the job training capsule every month. The training is pertinent to the location where the person is deputed and the deliverables expected out of him at that location.
Deployment at each site is after approval from the client for the security personnel and an appointment letter is issued to affect the same. During the first week of the assignment, sufficient number of trainers are made available to oversee the functioning of the guards. Performance is reviewed daily and the mistakes, if any, are rectified.
Validation Process
A performance Operational Audit is conducted on completion of One week/ Fortnight of deployment. The observations made during the Operational audit are shared with the client and required changes are made as per the requirement.
Customer Care
During the course of the contract, our service delivery team contacts the client on regular basis to obtain feedback on services rendered to consistently improve the quality of the services. Every site is checked on a daily basis, both at night as well as in the day by mobile Sector / Field Officers. Our Operations Manager visits the site once in a fortnight to discuss mutual problems. Additionally, he is available for meetings or emergencies whenever there is a requirement.