Chemical & Petrochemical

B D Security Pvt. Ltd. understands the needs of the Chemical & Petrochemical industry and its facilities which require a professional level of security planning for prevention and protection. B D Security Pvt. Ltd. provides a range of services with proven reliability meeting needs of the conventional and unique security aspects through an integrated approach. The range of security vulnerabilities in the Chemical & Petrochemical sector covers research, manufacturing and multi process production as there is a continuous development where professional planning of security levels for protection and prevention is required.

Comprehensive guidelines for security and protection to the manufacturing and the industrial sector are covered with situation analysis, threat assessments, guarding, surveillance, access control, entrance and exit monitoring, alarm monitoring, perimeter patrolling and raw material abuse protection.

Detail of the documentation would be suggested to the concerned person. The objective is to facilitate & add value in what ver we do.

B D Security Pvt. Ltd.has provided its services from project buildup stages to production stages to these industries.

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